Interior of Florence Mall

I remember when we used to shop inside the Florence Mall.  I loved it! There was a children’s shop, a gift store, a women’s shop… I remember that much.  There was also “Carrie Nations” on the outside I think.

I had no idea the interior of the mall still existed, but it looks nice in these office rental pictures! 

Do you remember when?


Summer Camps in Florence, SC

In the past I have compiled a list of links to summer camps in Florence, South Carolina.  I will start a list for you, but please comment and help build the post for other parents.  I don’t know about you- but I can NOT handle a summer of two tweens lounging around not doing anything.  This is hopefully the start to a more comprehensive list, so let me know what you know!

Father-Daughter Dance

This is one of my favorite events of the year.  I love seeing my now almost teen girl getting ready to go to this dance with her dad.  I love seeing the pictures on so many facebook pages of all the girls and young women going on dates with their dads.  It is a special night for sure.  I also saw some sweet photos of uncles and brothers taking their nieces and sisters when Dad has passed away.  Certainly, there are many definitions of family, and I loved all of the pictures last night.  Here is the SC Now gallery, maybe you can spot your own in the glimpse they give the moms:


Father-Daughter Dance 2017 


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I have had this post rumbling around in my brain for a few weeks now, and I can’t figure out exactly how I want to say it.  When Hurricane Matthew hit, we were without power- without grocery stores- without all the modern conveniences we rely on for at least a few days.

The main thing I noticed is that none of us in this area cared about the election, about the Clintons or Trump, that we weren’t passive aggressively liking certain types of articles on facebook (oops- guilty).  We were united in the things that were alike as opposed to the things that were different.  We talked to our neighbors, we walked our dogs, we checked on people.  We didn’t care if they had an #imwithher or a #makeamerica great hashtag, because at the end of the day those are not the things that matter.  What matters is if you share your generator and your bacon and if you are kind to others and you believe in basic human rights and goodness.

Most of us do, and the Hurricane righted the world and reminded us of that.  It reminded me that it doesn’t matter what political party someone is, that I like someone because they make me laugh and they share their ice they fought for at the Kangaroo and they talk to me in the aisle at Food Lion.

Facebook tends to take that away from us.  We are back to hashtags and finger pointing.  “Comment below if you are voting Trump or Hillary.”  “Hillary for Prison”.  “Trump supporters are idiots”  “Hillary supporters are not Christian”.

When you say these things on your facebook, you say them about your friends and about your neighbors.  It is as if you say “Hey John?  I think you are an idiot for believing that way.  I know you shared your chainsaw with me two weeks ago, but I think you are an idiot for voting for Trump/Clinton/Johnson/whomever.”

I will be the first to admit that I hated not having electricity.  I can’t stand the chaos that the Hurricane brought.  I don’t like not having control and not knowing when things will be cleaned up and fixed.  I want it done right and I want it done now.  However, the Hurricane did show me that there can be a world where we don’t bash our friends and neighbors for thinking differently from us or voting differently from us.  One thing the Flossip site helped me to do was to take a position of neutrality and positivity.  To go back to what my mother taught me years ago:  “If you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say it but you definitely DON’T WRITE IT DOWN!”

I am proud of this town for how we pulled together before, during, and after Hurricane Matthew.  Florence has its faults, but we also have a lot of good.  There are so many good people here that are working to make this city a better place.  From our mayor and city manager and city council to the sanitation workers to the people that smile at you in the aisles of the grocery store… our city is what you make of it.  I have always tried to make it great- and it has served me well!  Lets all work harder at making it a great place to live, celebrate what makes us a community more and not try to bash the things that we don’t agree with about someone else.

(So, yes… you SHOULD delete that nasty little facebook status you posted. Oh, and if you say “I’m not being mean, but…” or “I’m not starting an argument, but…”  you probably are doing exactly what you say you are not doing.)



Rumors, Openings, and Closings

This post needs your help! Let me know in the comments what you have heard so I can add it to the post!

Rumors, Planned Openings, New Openings

    • We have Uber and Lyft in Florence!
    • New Hyatt Place Hotel Being built as we speak!
    • HOMEGOODS!!!!
    • Five Below- wish it would be open in time for stocking stuffers!
    • SC Real Foods has moved to Celebration and it is GREAT!  I got some pimento cheese and other goodies there the other day!
  • Dairy Queen next to WF Wal-Mart
  • Da Massimo is back in Florence… just saw it with my own eyes.
  • Lidl a German Grocery
  • Stride Rite is NOT closing and that was a rumor- actually it DID move into the Toy Shop
  • Browns BBQ has opened in Florence– has anyone tried it??
  • King Jefe Taco Bar: downtown (love it!)
  • Boxcar Market (Mercantile and Grocer downtown) (I am super excited about this one!!) (I saw yesterday it is open!  I need to check it out!) (I have shopped here many times, PLEASE support it!)
  • H & M coming to Magnolia Mall (SCNow confirmed)
  • Rumor:  Steak and Shake
  • Five Below (Magnolia Mall)

Not as New Openings and Movings

  • Seminar Brewing has moved to Hwy 52 near 95
  • Town Hall
  • The Dispensary Rooftop Bar
  • Aldi has opened a second location and redone their original location!
  • SNIP has moved to Second Loop
  • Taco Bell by the Mall
  • The Pharmacy
  • Zoe’s Kitchen to open at 2100 West Evans, suite B. (June 2017:  OPEN)
  • Local Motive Brewery
  • Mi Tierra has moved to their new location on Celebration (so nice!)
  • Bojangles is open near the end of Damon on Second Loop

Closings Continue reading “Rumors, Openings, and Closings”

“The Addams Family” at Florence Little Theatre

I pulled my blue hat out of its hiding place (wow, it was dusty)! and sneaked into the Florence Little Theatre for a peek at the next show.  “The Addams Family” premieres on September 16, 2016 and runs through September 25.

I almost always love the opening musical, and this show already has me on the edge of my seat!  Frankie Sullivan and Whitney Langley shine as Gomez and Morticia, and is directed by the delightful Glen Gourley. Check out the entire cast list here on their facebook page.

This is going to be a great show for a date night or to take the whole family out.  I would reserve tickets now, it could easily be a sell out for FLT!


Link to a Gallery of photos in SCNow.