Rumors, Openings, and Closings

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Rumors, Planned Openings, New Openings

    • We have Uber and Lyft in Florence!
    • New Hyatt Place Hotel Being built as we speak!
    • HOMEGOODS!!!!
    • Five Below- wish it would be open in time for stocking stuffers!
    • SC Real Foods has moved to Celebration and it is GREAT!  I got some pimento cheese and other goodies there the other day!
  • Dairy Queen next to WF Wal-Mart
  • Da Massimo is back in Florence… just saw it with my own eyes.
  • Lidl a German Grocery
  • Stride Rite is NOT closing and that was a rumor- actually it DID move into the Toy Shop
  • Browns BBQ has opened in Florence– has anyone tried it??
  • King Jefe Taco Bar: downtown (love it!)
  • Boxcar Market (Mercantile and Grocer downtown) (I am super excited about this one!!) (I saw yesterday it is open!  I need to check it out!) (I have shopped here many times, PLEASE support it!)
  • H & M coming to Magnolia Mall (SCNow confirmed)
  • Rumor:  Steak and Shake
  • Five Below (Magnolia Mall)

Not as New Openings and Movings

  • Seminar Brewing has moved to Hwy 52 near 95
  • Town Hall
  • The Dispensary Rooftop Bar
  • Aldi has opened a second location and redone their original location!
  • SNIP has moved to Second Loop
  • Taco Bell by the Mall
  • The Pharmacy
  • Zoe’s Kitchen to open at 2100 West Evans, suite B. (June 2017:  OPEN)
  • Local Motive Brewery
  • Mi Tierra has moved to their new location on Celebration (so nice!)
  • Bojangles is open near the end of Damon on Second Loop

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